With the recent surge in gas prices, the long lines at the airport and the usual hassles of flight, travelling has become quite a time-consuming event. Who has time to see it all? I would love to travel more, but realistically, I just can't go everywhere I'd like.

That's where you come in. Using the gallery below, select and download an image of me. Take me on vacation with you! Literally, virtually, figuratively... Where will we go? There are no limits to where the internet can bring me (ok, actually there are a few rules - coming soon). Use your imagination, camera, computer or heck, glue stick and scissors. Photoshop or collage me into exotic locales, conversing with the locals. World events with political leaders. Last year's Holiday Party. Hanging with your grandma on the davenport. But really, it's up to you.

Once you're done, send them my way. I'll post them in the gallery so we can all enjoy them and reminisce.

PS: Do you want me to dress for a specific event? Submit your ideas or wishes to and I shall deliver.

Ok, do I work this thing? Easy! Click on the image below that you want to use. Then click on "Download This Image". Once the large version of the picture appears on-screen, right-click and 'Save As'. Proceed to open this file in your photo editor of choice. Voila!