Submitting your image

Great! You've decided to take the plunge and help send me around the world! In taking part in this project by submitting your image, you are granting us permission to show your work (or in most cases - a digital image of your work) in the future, within the context of "I've Been Everywhere." This includes the website, galleries, museums, and possibly in print.

Email your image

Since the filesize of these images are quite large, it's probably not a good idea to send them via plain ol' e-mail. I recommend that you use a FREE large-file transfer service like the following:

And send it to [ submissions ] [ @ ] [ ]

Mail your image

If you would prefer to send an actual printed image back to me, you can send it to:

141 N. Riverside Drive
150 ABW
c/o Sonya Naumann Mailbox 416
Iowa City, IA 52242